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QuestionDid you see Wu-Tang is releasing only one copy of the new album? Anwser

No, and no they shouldn’t have. It would make more sense in if they made something like 10 or 50 copies. The physical versions would still be incredibly rare, but more than just one part of the world can lay claim to it. Wu-Tang is global. Only one physical copy is such an extreme, but they clearly thought it was the best method to get the news out that they will only be selling their new album online. Also through the system of supply and demand they want to turn this album into an expensive one of a kind work of art, similar to a painting. Which in the end is still kinda dumb. I like my vinyls.

Hopefully 2014 is going to be the Year of the Wu. We should be getting:

Wu-Tang Clan - A Better Tomorrow

Method Man - Crystal Meth (AND the Meth Lab mixtape)

GZA - Dark Matter

Inspectah Deck (+ 7L & Esoteric) - Czarface 2

Raekwon - Fly International Luxurious Art

Portlandia - Crash Course In Hip-Hop History

This shit’s too funny. Probably my favorite scene from Portlandia.

"O.D.B., what does that stand for? Ol’ Dirty…"

"Black Man"

This is Torri and she’s the newest admin for the Hip-Hop Fights Back Facebook group. She’s a well researched hip-hop head with a passion for music, and her favorites include Snowgoons, Wu-Tang (Method Man the most), N.W.A, RA The Rugged Man, MC Lyte, Guru, The Roots, and Celph Titled just to name a few.

You can check out her posts at:

Scientific studies have shown that women wearing Wu-Tang attire look 10x hotter than they do in normal clothes.

Scientific studies have shown that women wearing Wu-Tang attire look 10x hotter than they do in normal clothes.

I <3 Wu-Women

I <3 Wu-Women

Wifey material

Vintage Method Man

One of my favorite pictures of Method Man.

(Source: ruthless-nation)

At the Olympics Swedish skier Henrik Harlaut quotes ODB in a shout out to Wu-Tang Clan after his run.

This is pretty damn epic.

Rare footage of Busta Rhymes and Ol’ Dirty Bastard freestyling

Wugazi (Wu-Tang Clan & Fugazi) - Sweet Release

Back in 2011 Cecil Otter (of Doomtree) and Swiss Andy created, in my opinion, the best Wu-Tang Clan mashup mixtape ever. As a tribute, they mixed many of Wu-Tang’s classics with instrumentals from the iconic punk group Fugazi. There’s actually a lot of really enjoyable theme based Wu-Tang Clan mashup mixtapes out there, such Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers (vs The Beatles) and Black Gold (vs Jimi Hendrix). If you’re curious, my favorite song off of Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers is Uh Huh, which I rated an 8.8.

Sweet Release's guitar, bass, and looped drums are taken from Sweet and Low, which is an instrumental off of Fugazi’s 1993 album In on the Killtaker. The fluttering guitar portion is fuckin’ addictive and really makes this song what it is.

You can listen to the full Wugazi mixtape 13 Chambers here. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be downloadable anywhere now.


My Song Rating: 9.8 out of 10

This is the cover art for Method Man's upcoming mixtape The Meth Lab, which he said is releasing in March. He’s also a big fan of Breaking Bad, so I’m sure it influenced the mixtape name.

Who else is excited as I am for this?

"Look at Meth, breaking bad like he cooking meth in the lab. Still a lethal weapon but try and bless him with math." | A$AP Nast - Trillmatic (ft. Method Man)