The Best of Underground Hip-Hop

Tyler, The Creator - Wolf (ft. Nakel Smith, Jasper Dolphin, Taco, Lucas Vercetti, L-Boy, Lee Spielman & Left Brain)

I talked to a couple of people about Wolf, and they felt obligated to mention how they were really confused by Trashwang, since it doesn’t seem to fit on the album or Tyler’s newly found higher musical standers (aka they thought the song was utter ‘trash’). First of all this song has a central message and aim, in that it’s a parody of the laughable “go hard” gangster rappers of the modern era. Throughout the album lyrical punches are thrown at numerous artists, such as Trinidad James, and other rappers of this genre. Passing all you hating fucking fags we don’t discuss, my nigga. We ain’t on no jolly shit and we don’t pop no mollies, bitch.” Possibly my favorite Domo Genesis line ever.

Trashwang is Tyler’s indirect critique of this over-popularized rap culture, and it works exceedingly well. He manages to utilize all of Odd Future’s lesser known friends and members (many of whom don’t actually rap), and surprisingly it doesn’t sound too terrible. It’s not hard to imagine, given Tyler’s love for fuckin around, that he absolutely loved making this track. Out of all of the song’s ridiculous verses, I find Lucas’s trap yelling especially hilarious, since he’s the least threatening OFWGKTA affiliate, yet manages to emulate that iconic hyped gangster sound convincingly well. Lil B, take note. This is how you make fun of mainstream hip-hop…so please stop what you’re doing, immediately. Also Lil B fans, stop defending his music in this fashion….you know who you are. Tyler with this song outdid all of his so called “efforts”, so jump off that lil dick.


My Song Rating: 8.0 out of 10

Tyler, The Creator - Cowboy

Wolf unarguably changed the direction of Tyler’s music. The production and lyrical quality seen on his surprisingly dope new album Wolf is definitively his best work yet (better than Bastard). My favorite song off of this album is Answers, and I also reviewed IFHY as well, in case you want to check it out. Cowboy is my second favorite song off of Wolf.

"Golf Wang M-O-B, mopping niggas ante up.

Ain’t been this fucking sick since

brain cancer ate my Granny up.

Rest in peace, or lie in it, life ain’t got no light in it.

Darker than that closet that nigga Frankie was hiding in.”


My Song Rating: 9.4 out of 10

Tyler, The Creator - IFHY

Every one of Odd Future’s music videos are fuckin’ bonkers and completely unique. This one is exceptionally bizarre. Tyler’s creativity never disappoints. I’m not sure why he made a video for IFHY though. It’s a good song, but there are many other songs that are better than this off of Wolf.


My Song Rating: 8.25 out of 10

Tyler, The Creator - Answer

As I’ve previously stated, Tyler needed to show (especially on this album) that he isn’t just a vile and violent one trick pony that needs to rap over a grimy beat to sound raw…and Wolf certainly accomplished this. Tyler has obviously been experimenting with his sound. Quite a few times on this album you hear him in a fashion you never have before, such as with Answer. It gives his music a whole new aura of emotion. He’s still “not givin a fuck” and goofy as ever, but he has more to say this time around. How fame comes with stress…and no matter how much money you make you can’t run away from your personal problems in life. Answer is my favorite song off of Wolf, and overall my 2nd favorite song by Tyler. I also deem Wolf better than Bastard, thus making Wolf Tyler’s best album.

"Mom was only twenty when you ain’t have any fucks to spare.

You Nigerian fuck, now I’m stuck with this shitty facial hair.”


My Song Rating: 9.8 out of 10