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In case you weren’t aware, Bill Murray was busted with 10lbs of weed in 1970 on his 20th birthday. He could’ve easily been sentenced to years and years in prison and his whole acting career as we know it would’ve likely never happened; however, against all odds he lucked out and only got 5 years probation. The war on drugs destroys genuinely good peoples’ lives on a regular basis. Not everyone is as lucky as Bill.

In 1997 Newt Gingrich tried to pass a law that proposed the death penalty for individuals possessing over 2 ounces of marijuana or 100 doses of edibles, yet he has also admitted to smoking weed in his past.

Also don’t forget he was on top of the polls at one point for our last presidential election…

Newt Gingrich can go fuck himself.

This is Torri and she’s one of my admins for the Hip-Hop Fights Back facebook group, which just surpassed 90k likes today. She’s honestly one of the most knowledgeable hip-hop heads I know, she’s way out of your league, and she can out smoke you any day.

"I don’t drink too much, I know the bud wiser."

- Joey Bada$$

28.5 G’s, I call that a win-zip.

If you made a citizens arrest on someone for having weed on them and then ran away with their weed, you’d be no better than any normal cop. Fucked up thing is I heard this actually happened…


John 4:20: "…and after three long days Jesus exited the cave, being promptly pursued by a thick bellowing cloud of holy smoke. He carried in his arms a box of Trix cereal, an egg shaped bong, and a chocolate fountain he’d been "borrowing" from Mother Mary J. for the past 6 months. Thusly, Easter was born."

Alcohol and tobacco companies funding drug policies to keep Marijuana outlawed is like money hungry hookers going after well meaning strippers.

It’s a stay at home and play BioShock way too late type of Saturday night.

"Monopolizing weed is virtually impossible. So it won’t be legalized and that’s another obstacle, but I’m still rollin’ up pocket fulls of tropical.”

- Immortal Technique

Yeah, that’s the melody to Funkytown.

Hotboxin’ with Snoop Dogg

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Joey Bada$$ & Ab-Soul being arrested after a concert for smoking weed. Fuck the police.