The Best of Underground Hip-Hop

If money is speech and speech is power

How can I be heard at $8 an hour?

“The earth will be inherited by the mentally free, and then we can sell it back to the mentally meek, who chose to be blind towards reality, and exhaled false tales whenever they breathed.”

- Hip-Hop Fights Back

"I need time to stop…and my heart to speed up…and my window to shatter…and my lion to cry with joy…and his stomach to be full…as I forever walk these streets with unforgettable names, where timeless kings behead the hustlers of clocks, and feed their corpses to the brilliant lions of the masses.

Fortunately, I am not dead…yet…”

- Hip-Hop Fights Back (aka Jake Bourey)

(This is the ending segment of a 3 page poem I just finished)


"My love’s eulogies, are dark moonless seas

Sad boonless trees, which are immune to me

Withered by my missed opportunities,

And eroded by time’s sand strewn breeze

Those green glowing, fugazi eyes

Clearly show me, you knew me twice.

She’s a knee high tree, who’s dropping lies

To feed her leaves, and root stringed life.”

- Hip-Hop Fights Back (aka Jake Bourey)

As I lay crippled on my death bed, my mind slowly narrowing to darkness, there is a single blissful image that remains vivid as the vastly cluttered walls of my old colorful mind increasingly crumble to the caustic flow of death, eroding my cherished memories of existence to dust. What this image is, I will never know for more than a second, but I can rest assured knowing that the last breath to escape my dying lips will be a soft whisper of your name.

"Loneliness has followed me my entire life. No matter where I go, there is no escape.  I will die lonely, I will die by myself.  No one knows death except the dead, no one knows me except for myself.  My solitude is encased within an ‘unknown’ aura…it maintains our disconnection, and will forever keep us separate entities within this vast universe of darkness.”

- Jake Bourey (aka Hip-Hop Fights Back)

“I’m just a stage right chess pawn, working to move up six spaces.

I guess the playwright’s withdrawn, since the job market’s vacant.

We’re all unique, as grey snowflakes, frozen in the same purgatory.

My move is bleak, go straight one space, to own loans which leave me worried.”

—  Jake Bourey (aka Hip-Hop Fights Back)