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Kanye West & Jay-Z

Today Kanye West allegedly assaulted man for yelling “shut up nigger lover, stupid slut” at Kim. This is the first time I’m cool with Kanye getting into a fight.

Hip-hop fights back, literally.


and a gay fish.

For the production of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Kanye used three musicians for only “handclapping”.

Q-Tip confirms he’s producing Kanye West’s next album.

The Westboro Baptist Church has added Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar's December 3rd concert to their picketing schedule, since they claim the artists are “Two fools who take their God given talents and use them for lasciviousness.” I really hope Kanye and Kendrick spit some verses calling out these pieces of living shit. That’s a youtube video I’d love to see.

Kanye West - Bound 2 [Music Video]

Well here’s the new music video for Kanye’s spectacular song Bound 2, which features Kim Kardashian. I can’t say I’m a fan of the video though.

It’s my 3nd favorite song off of Kanye’s album Yeezus. Most of the album packs a hard venomous bite, but Bound 2 maintains the same chill flow and depictive tone as Everything I Am, which is my all time favorite Ye song. The lyrics aren’t the most profound shit you’ll ever hear, but they get his broader point across exceptionally well. This is the kind of song I didn’t start to fully appreciate until I heard it about 10 times. The whole work is extremely quotable and easy to remember. Its unique layout also takes you out of your comfort zone a bit. Some of the album overdoes the “unique” factor though, and ends up just sounding somewhat awkward.

"Close your eyes and let the word paint a thousand pictures…one good girl is worth a thousand bitches."


My Song Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Kanye West - Power (Live)

Kanye is unarguably a master when it comes to infusing stunning artistic qualities into his live performances.

Kanye West embarked on one of his more epic Twitter rants just an hour ago, going off on Jimmy Kimmel for a sketch in which the late-night host reenacted a recent BBC Radio 1 interview with West, replacing Kanye with an obnoxious kid.

So apparently about an hour ago Kanye West was charged with battery and attempted grand theft while in a scuffle with paparazzi. If convicted he could face up to a year in jail.

Kanye West - Blood On The Leaves

Some find it distasteful that Kanye decided to sample Nina Simone’s version of Strange Fruit and turn its metaphor for lynched slaves into his way of depicting his past issues with women. I honestly feel it gets his point across pretty well, as in on this album specificity Kanye wants to prove he can do whatever he wants, and not only get away with it, but be celebrated for his efforts. Really it just comes down to his profound artistic ability and uncanny drive to create music that catches you off guard. I really hate auto-tune since I always inherently prefer organic vocals. A beautiful human voice will always portray more emotion than an electronically altered recording. Kanye’s deeper songs like Home and Homecoming utilize incredible vocals that inherently outdo anything this song or all of 808s & Heartbreaks could accomplish on an artistic level. On the other hand, Kanye provides more emotion than 99.9% of auto-tune songs out there. So long story short, I can definitely relate to this song, and I enjoy it…but it’s far from the best song on Yeezus.


My Song Rating: 8.2 out of 10

Anonymous Asked
QuestionDon't you think having to listen something that manny times to actually appreciate it, makes it not that good at all? Anwser

Don’t get me wrong, I really loved Bound 2 the first time I heard it, but it wasn’t until about my 10th listen when I learned the songs abstract layout and feel. At that point I was saying Kanye’s very quotable lyrics by heart. It’s the kind of kicked back song you need to mentally part take in. I can’t help but emphasize the “BOOW!”s in my head every time I hear it, or follow along in my head as Kanye claims “Jerome’s in the house, watch your mouth….BOOW!”