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Classic Joey Bada$$

Classic Joey Bada$$

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"I don’t drink too much, I know the bud wiser."

- Joey Bada$$

“I’m telling you man, Joey Bada$$ can change the course of time. If he’s 17, there are no boundaries of how he can influence a 14-year-old. What Tribe and Public Enemy and Brand Nubian did for me as a 15-year-old, he can do the same thing.”

- 9th Wonder

Joey Bada$$ & Ab-Soul being arrested after a concert for smoking weed. Fuck the police.

"He told me never to forget, and never to force it. To embrace this time and glorious moments."

- Joey Bada$$

Pro Era

Joey Bada$$ - Feather (prod. by Nujabes)

This was recorded three years ago when Joey Bada$$ first started making his own hip-hop at the age of 15. You can actually tell how much he improved in just a year by comparing this to the music he made at 16. The instrumental for Feather is also my second favorite Nujabes production. I’ve used it a couple times for my mashups, such as Tupac - Hold On To A Feather (Nujabes Mashup). I also enjoy that at 0:29 his voice clearly cracks, “keep my he-EAd to the sky”, further exemplifying just how young he is.

"Lil’ nigga came up, 15; I snatched the microphone.
Better than these dudes that got twice my testosterone.”

Joey Bada$$ is the truth.

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