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QuestionWhat are your thoughts of Vinnie Paz's "God Of The Serengeti" album ? Anwser

God Of The Serengeti was one of the best albums to come out in 2012. It wasn’t as good as Vinnie Paz’s debut solo album Season Of The Assassin, but I wasn’t expecting it to since Season Of The Assassin is in my opinion the rawest hip-hop album ever. Mostly because it’s by far Vinnie Paz’s best album (a modern classic of sorts) and he’s unarguably the rawest hip-hop artist of all time. Those metal implants in his mouth add to his crushing flow to make his already aggressive lyrics even more inhumanly vicious sounding.

I posted my 3 favorite songs off of God Of The Serengeti, which I listed below.

Vinnie Paz – Cheesesteaks (9.7)

Vinnie Paz – Jake Lamotta (9.2)

Vinnie Paz – Problem Solver (ft. Scarface) (8.7)

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  1. beezbeatz said: I thought it was much more consistent, but I agree Season had some of Vinnie’s classics on there
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