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I don’t actually care that their dating because I feel celebrity news is a shitty waste of time, but I feel obligated to speak my mind about how I still don’t understand at all why everyone freaked out on Tiger and relentlessly crucified him when he cheated on his wife. Maybe he wasn’t at all happy with his marriage. Maybe he just needed someone like Lindsey Vonn with the same “I’m the best in the world at my sport” lifestyle and mentality.

The same way Kanye is madly in love with a woman who charishes social fame and power almost as much as he does (no one’s above Kanye in that field). It’s easy for someone to love another person who sees the world through their eyes and who shares very similar passions in life. People need to stop giving a shit about celebrity relationships and just let them live their lives.


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  7. ajarms said: You honestly believe he was fucked over? Dood is living large!! He hasn’t been on his golf game as of late & he lost some endorsements, but who cares. He is worth 500mil. People just ain’t going to buy yo shit if they think you’re a douche. Just is..
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