The Best of Underground Hip-Hop

Who would you choose if you could only listen to 2 music artists for the rest of your life?

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  1. herbtray answered: 2Pac and Wu Tang, all day man
  2. think-openly said: The beatles and radiohead:))
  3. justsayfucklemonsandbail said: Macklemore and Brand New
  4. lewpzz said: Wu Tang and Pink Floyd
  5. ketcetera answered: tupac and k’la or Tupac and selena quintanilla
  6. whyitsjason said: Wu tang clan and Nas
  7. ogbombs answered: Mac miller and Drake
  8. wordthechill answered: nujabes,uyama hiroto
  9. feel-no-evil answered: Radiohead and Nas
  10. jilsia said: Michael Jackson and Bill Withers
  11. diabolicalgenius said: Wu tang& tribe
  12. mfchvrd answered: Kanye West and KiD CuDi for sure
  13. luckytruth answered: Eminem, and Nas point blank
  14. zulunati0n answered: deftones and kanye west
  15. overseeingaliens answered: Tupac & Tyler, the Creator
  16. ryanslilpwnnny answered: Binary Star & Nas
  17. mutt-r answered: tindersticks & the willard grant conspiracy
  18. taigastyle answered: I’d listen to Jay-Z and Cocaine 80’s… then regret my decision for the rest of my life. haha
  19. fundipforever answered: lil b and the basedgod
  20. melodypvnd said: This is a tough question… So many. But I’d probably chose Ed Sheeran and if bands count, Greenday
  21. pimpsdontpaytaxes answered: Cunninlynguists and Wu-Tang Clan.
  22. twofowilson answered: nas & kendrick lamar
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  24. themacchiatolover answered: Dumbfoundead and Macklemore
  25. supreme-smoove answered: Curren$y & Lupe Fiasco
  26. lilmecca said: Mecca and Jay-Z
  27. bullseye442 said: blink182 and kidcudi honestly
  28. smokinkush94 answered: i’d make my own songs because i could make any genre of music!
  29. heavylamping answered: Queen and Gang Starr
  30. ztkettner answered: Nujabes and Pink Floyd. (Does this include remixes and covers of their music or done by them?)
  31. eternallyitson answered: Krayzie Bone & Pink Floyd
  32. badplantmama answered: atmosphere and city and colour
  33. shadyfiasco answered: Eminem, Hopsin
  34. robert--cabot--lodge answered: bach and the rolling stones
  35. kunetin answered: city and colour, and nas
  36. planetreptar answered: Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson
  37. pharma-logical answered: atmosphere and esoteric
  38. pbnjae answered: lana del rey and kid cudi
  39. runcanislupusrun answered: Aesop rock and Nujabes
  40. officialcarcinogeneticist answered: Crystal Castles and Lights
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