The Best of Underground Hip-Hop

What music are you currently listening to?

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  1. eyeambre answered: They want efx - Das EFX
  2. hey--ginger answered: Don’t Look Back // Miguel
  3. amberrosesshavedhead answered: honey cocaine and nicki minaj
  4. whyitsjason said: and Kanye ahaha
  5. whyitsjason answered: I have been listening to blackstar, nas, Jay Z, madvillain, common, and of course the Wu Tang Clan
  6. s-w-e-e-t-e-s-t-condition said: A$AP Rocky 24/7
  7. lukeguystalker answered: Panda Bear
  8. dcoleman205 answered: thriftworks Nightlight
  9. wintschythepooh answered: Flatbush Zombies and Joey Bada$$
  10. setuchainz answered: Kid Cudi
  11. soffee said: Killer mike &Bun B
  12. stanthebeatsmith answered: Slum village, Jaylib, Joey bada$$, stuff i’m working on
  13. adrianfkingd answered: ricky hil, weeknd - nomads
  14. to-live-is-to-be-haunted answered: Beauty & the Blues album-Atlas
  15. grizzlydorikin answered: Chance The Rapper ever since you posted his song Juice
  16. batamotel answered: illogic - celestial clockwork and step right on - the young disciples and of course, more than i can type.
  17. goodkarmaforlife answered: Fuck The Money - Asher Roth & B.o.B
  18. sir-roach answered: Kat Dahlia - Gangsta
  19. heavylamping answered: bronsolino
  20. mfchvrd answered: fuck friendz by 2pac
  21. mchid answered: DJ JOE.U.KNO - GENERAL EDUKATION
  22. peacelovez answered:…
  23. viciousarrogance answered:…
  24. excellere answered: Jeff Bernat
  25. amomlikedebbiemathers answered: Break ya neck - Busta Rhymes
  26. marissasmileyface answered: a tribe called quest
  27. spudsthewalrus answered: Kool A.D featuring Himanshu(Technically Das Racist)- Gweneth Paltrow Prod. by Scoop Deville
  28. whatisthiswaxdoingtous answered: offspring:americana
  29. runninginthestreets answered: blackalicious!
  30. graffitilikediamonds answered: sunshine by atmosphere, for those summer feels
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  32. xasonx answered: ONRA
  33. sleeping-besideyou answered: seether and hey porche by nelly
  34. undeadbandit said: Cage
  35. kevinbelisle answered: whatever leaks from indicudi, macklmore is still up there with gambino and Alt-J for my indie needs, dude has a wicked voice
  36. mr-redshirt answered: sadistik’s new album
  37. insomniac-nightmares said: world domination - joey bada$$
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  39. bigbstrd answered: i can’t really tell… HipHop and like… house jazz.. and flying lotus stuff
  40. siemprecorro answered: 2 chainz
  41. djgrimey answered: Literally Lie4 off XXX, Danny Brown. This is my 1st play thought of the album.
  42. shopcoletteclayton answered: gary pukett - young girl
  43. geotienesfrio answered: Trinidad James
  44. spellmynamewithaboo answered: right now? music i’m working on
  45. musicfiendd said: LOL there’s no “the”
  46. recipesmadefromscratch answered: Death grips!
  47. messysorandom said: 90’s music