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Chance The Rapper - Juice

2013 is about to be a huge year for Chance The Rapper. I only heard about the 19 year old Chicagoan a few months ago, but he’s already making waves in the underground hip-hop scene. He’s blatantly talented and has an exceptionally unique musical style, and when these two factors are successfully translated into the framework of a song, truly amazing music is created. It’s for this reason why Juice is extremely enjoyable to listen to. Chance’s playful and almost cartoonish aura makes this song what it is, and this colorful sound is beautifully depicted in the low-budget music video for Juice.

On the other hand I feel that there are some parts of the song, mostly the third verse, that stray from the quality demonstrated in the buttery first verse. Even though Juice is an outstanding song, it could have been better overall. Also, Chance gives a shout out to Fat Trel in the song, and if you’re at all curious about Fat Trel I’ve already posted his song Deep Thought, which is my favorite by him. Juice is the first single off of Chance The Rapper’s upcoming debut album Acid Rap, set to be released some time in April.


My Song Rating: 9.3 out of 10

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