The Best of Underground Hip-Hop

I’m thinking of hosting a freestyle competition, as in I post an instrumental and people record themselves freestyling over the beat, and tag it something unique that’s predetermined so all the recordings can be easily looked up. The winner will get a shutout and I’ll post your freestyle. I feel this would be legitimate since a lot of aspiring hip-hop artists follow my blog. There’s more than enough freestyle talent to go around. If it goes well I might make it a series.

You think this is a good idea?

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  1. southerncaliforniaunderground said: Fuck yeh bro
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  3. dowhatever said: hell yes
  4. mchid said: hell yeah! great idea
  5. underground-hiphop said: Good idea.
  6. anarchysai said: So game.
  7. erkead said: Let’s go my friend.
  8. audioant said: This would be dope.
  9. illindegenerates reblogged this from rapnroller and added:
    do it
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    Yea- I’d probably take part in this too
  11. colombitalian said: That’s the best idea I’ve ever heard