The Best of Underground Hip-Hop

Who’s your favorite west coast hip-hop artist?

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  1. michaelsaurus answered: Ab-Soul
  2. rawnniebooboo answered: Blu
  3. bryson313 answered: Blu & Exile
  4. deaddizney answered: Sly Boogy
  5. chadiboii reblogged this from hiphopfightsback and added:
    Every last nigga from TDE
  6. beezbeatz answered: Ras Kass or Chino XL
  7. genericlatino answered: Nicki Menage
  8. rhyth-mic said: Ev. Eligh.
  9. constant-smoker answered: musicandweedisallyounee…
  10. alittlebitofinsanity said: Kendrick Lamar <3
  11. getcashblowkush said: Sam lachow
  12. sicka-than-your-average said: Jurassic 5 no doubt! amazing freestylers!
  13. xwajer answered: Aesop Rock
  14. 805-sbl said: somethin strange!
  15. womenweedandwhattowear said: Lil B -lil b
  16. risingbuddha answered: this is a trick question, all the best rappers are from the west. It’s to hard to choose!
  17. yjcanvas said: Dumbfoundead
  18. jordangangordie said: Ab-Soul
  19. devvconaton said: The Mighty Hieroglyphics Crew.
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