The Best of Underground Hip-Hop



you are a white boy from the mid west


do yourself a favor and sit the fuck for fucking ever

FORFUCKINGEVER and that little witty ass response that you should be listening to rock music

go fuck yourself Black people created that shit too

mostly all main play western music was start by us

I have no respect for you and get the fuck out of life.

I guess that means you can’t fully comprehend hip-hop that’s about losing your father, such as Atmosphere’s song Yesterday, or about overcoming and loosing friends to drug addiction, like Macklemore’s song Otherside, or simply loving music and its beauty because it makes you exceptionally happy, such as Eyedea’s song Music Music…because you’re not white. Obviously skin color has much much much more to do with your perspectives of life then the actual experiences you encounter while living…

As Kendrick Lamar said, “I don’t make black music, I don’t make white music, I make everyday life music.”

And yeah, I admit, I will never understand songs like C.R.E.A.M. as well as young black males struggling to get by in New York back in the 80’s, but neither will you. You never lived that, and just because you have the same skin color doesn’t mean you can claim you shared their struggle and pain.

That’s like me saying, “you can’t understand the true pain of the holocaust like I can, since I’m Jewish”, but I don’t say that because I’m smart enough to realize that’s bullshit. Way back in the day I went to a holocaust museum with one of my catholic friends, and halfway through he just broke down. The images hit him much harder than me. He was so shaken we had to leave early, not because he was jewish and fundamentally felt the pain of his relatives, but because he comprehends the pain of all human beings, even if he’s not the same genetically or culturally. I have family that survived through the war and some that didn’t (my great grandmother got run over by a Nazi tank right in front of my grandfather and his 7 other siblings), but I don’t claim to know their pain any better simply because I’m jewish. The only way I could better comprehend their struggle is if I went through a similar ordeal.

And by your racist logic, black people really need to stop claiming they understand Drake’s music better than me. What do you have in common with him? He’s half black? Well he’s also half white, Jewish, and raised by a white family…in Canada! I have much more in common with Drake then any black person ever could claim. Did you ever spend years memorizing scripture for your bar mitzvah like me and Drake? No? Is your mother white? No? Well then I guess you can’t exactly relate to the cultural ideals we were raised with or our inherent perceptions of life, nor the challenges we overcame for being jewish and loving hip-hop (there isn’t exactly a jewish hip-hop scene jewish people can just jump into). Simply put, due to my genetics and heritage I comprehend Drake’s music much better than all black people…or at least by your logic. You’re backwards, racist logic.

So once again reverieofb…you, pussyharvest, and the rest of your irrationally hateful Nicki Minaj fan group need to open your eyes to the human experience. Your skin color only defines you if you let it define you. I’m just a human being trying to make it in an impossibly complex world I don’t fully understand, what the fuck are you?

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