The Best of Underground Hip-Hop

For my followers who are curious, as one of my many side projects for this blog, Hip-Hop Fights Back will begin functioning as a record label. I already have about 10 really outstanding musicians involved. I’m going to be acting as the production manager for all of the music made, but I probably won’t have to do much since my friends who I’m starting this with are all some of the most talented people I’ve ever known. All of them have been mastering their crafts for most their lives. My friends Colb and Aaron Winston are also going to be doing a couple collab songs together at some point soon. We only fuck with a full studio and all the kind of recording equipment that comes along with that…no half assed bullshit. By summer we hope to have enough songs put together to release Hip-Hop Fights Back’s first label compilation mixtape. It would include the best songs everyone put together as collaborations and the best songs each person had made for their own solo projects. To get an idea how Colb and Aaron Winston sound here are a couple songs that I’ve already posted, and if you haven’t checked them out I highly recommend you do.

Aaron Winston – Rambling Man

Colb – Player Lines (ft. Floww)

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