The Best of Underground Hip-Hop need to hop off that macklemore tip. He sucks Anwser

Haha, I don’t understand people like you. I’ve been a fan of his since 2009, and he’s been a legend in Seattle for years, which has an incredible hip-hop scene. Grieves, Jake One, Dyme Def, Blue Scholars, Grynch, Sol, and Nacho Picasso just to name a few, and he’s been more famous than them for longer than just this year. Just because his album The Heist is his best album and a truly amazing piece of work doesn’t mean he’s all hype. He’s been in the game for over a decade. He’s more than earned his current success.

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  1. deliverydragon said: Guarantee this cat hasn’t listened to anything besides The Heist, IF even the whole album. People that claim they know or “love” Macklemore just cause of Thrift Shop bug the hell outta me. You don’t know an artist till you’ve heard all their stuff.
  2. the-emerald-kid said: Macklemore is amazing. Go home Anon
  3. manwithmanynames1629 said: Isaac2105 is the first person I have ever heard to say that Macklemore sucks, he is literally a god hip hop.
  4. socksandcasey said: Thank you. I also dislike that most people judge him solely on Thrift Shop and We Danced whether that judgement is positive or negative.
  5. weadude said: you literally have THE BEST replies to all the haters. NICKI MINAJ IS GROSS. I bet she wakes up and thinks, “Hm, maybe I could be talented today……nehhhhhh.”
  7. ethiix said: You’re leaving out Knowmads. And The Language of My World is definitely better than The Heist