The Best of Underground Hip-Hop

I often get asked why I dislike her so much whenever I post a picture making fun of her, and I just got asked again, so I thought I’d be appropriate to just post an extended response to answer this general question.

Before I began my writing my response I thought it would be appropriate to listen to something by Nicki Minaj on my Itunes. I actually have most of her work, a lot of her early mixtapes and what not. I decided to go with Roman In Moscow, which was really popular when it was released. I then played it…a few times actually…and not because I liked it…but because I’m still having trouble rapping my head around the concept that people actually enjoy music like this. All of her song lyrics in general are sooooo ignorant, I cringe whenever I listen to her spit verses (which is sad since she actually has a great flow). It’s pretty much all garbage…pure garbage that actively pollutes hip-hop’s true art and culture. And the fact that she has millions of fans and billions of views on youtube depresses the hell out of me. Sure, she had a badass verse on Kanye’s song Monster…but that was a one time deal.

I honestly gave her a real chance when she first came out. I tried hard to find true artistic talent in her music…I literally listened to every song she had…but after only failed attempts I had no choice but to deem her an uncreative, unartistic, ignorant chick that’s only famous because she’s a very attractive woman with a commanding flow. Other than that, she’s just a hallow shell with well produced instrumentals at her disposal.  I don’t mean to hate just on Nicki, since there are obviously tons of other artists that would fit the description of my previous sentence, but I had to say something to counteract the nausea I received from listening to this song…and then from looking it up on youtube to read the comments only to find comment after comment of people who think they’re seasoned music aficionados defending Nicki and her song from the negative comments. The one comment that really got me was “This is awesome, nicki minaj is the best and she will always be the best female rapper ever! If not the best rapper overall.

Ya…I’m done

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    I must agree that the main reason why I don’t like Nicki Minaj’s music is because she’s a really beautiful woman with a...
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    Yes thank you except I disagree with one part.. She is not even attractive
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    You could just leave it at “her elementary, slanted rhymes are not amusing”.
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