The Best of Underground Hip-Hop

The overall goal of Hip-Hop Fights Back is to help real hip-hop shine through the overwhelmingly vast amount of bullshit that populates the hip-hop genre.  To further this effort we’re going to be implementing a new weekly competition for all aspiring hip-hop artists that want to get their music featured on this blog.  We’re going to be taking user-made hip-hop submissions and then picking the best one from that week and post it on the blog.  We’ll also add a short interview style blurb.  My brother and fellow hip-hop aficionado Ben Bourey is going to be in charge of this weekly competition.  Each week he’s going to pick out the best submissions, and then both of us are going to narrow his choices down to the best two songs for that week. This is going to become an ongoing series, and I’ll be creating a subsection of Hip-Hop Fights Back that will be dedicated solely to this effort.

You can email Ben a link to your music at

Please help support this new competition and the aspiring hip-hop artists involved.

Long Live Hip-Hop!

If you haven’t checked them out yet, these are the last three winners.

Week 1: Forest Punk – L.A. Skylights

Week 2: Flame Griller - Wuntathought

Week 3: Passalacqua – Been A Minute

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