The Best of Underground Hip-Hop

In your opinion, who is the most underrated hip-hop artist in the game right now?

I’m taking this as a poll and posting the results tomorrow.

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  1. freshprinceofct answered: Kendrick Lamar
  2. dynamicmc answered: Phonte
  3. l3igh answered: kendrick
  4. iluvfisherprice answered: kendrick lamar„, ab-soul..
  5. scattered-wings answered: Joe Budden
  6. jbkon answered: del!
  7. jhaynes6 answered: J.Cole
  8. indigofoxx answered: Andre 300
  9. nineteen93exoticness answered: Lil Wayne? Drizzy? Hoping it’s sarcasm haha
  10. slingtheory answered: Tech N9ne
  11. theunknowing answered: d bolan
  12. allamericankid answered: Childish Gambino
  13. juleposart answered: ab-soul
  14. bcyde answered: K DOT
  15. fckyeahmax answered: xv
  16. nothetypicalcat said: Nas.
  17. koralkaye answered: childish gambino <3
  18. radikalflash answered: me!, yea im bad i said it……..maybe its j cole at the moment
  19. mehanistry answered: blu, kendrick, childish.
  20. sss-more answered: big k.r.i.t. dude will be the next king of the south, on some kanye shit
  21. deliverydragon answered: Macklemore
  22. thepoopdeck answered: either common, murs, or childish gambino
  23. essentialsofcool answered: Childish Gambino
  24. themrpennington answered: CuDi does not get the love he deserves. Kendrick seems like he will be the same way.
  25. youdontknowish answered: Childish Gambino
  26. joerosewood answered: Kendrick Lamar
  27. gameenyc answered: Vinny Chase
  28. jasonisnthere answered: Kendrick or Murs
  29. mustarddotstain answered: Sol
  30. laplusjolie answered: kendrick lamar or kid cudi lol
  31. dwayneomosley answered: PackFM
  32. ddlt-ct answered: XV. All he does is put out great music, consistently, but he never seems to get the recognition he deserves.
  33. willrapforfood answered: lol @ people posting popular artists and saying they’re underrated. That being said: Shad.
  34. choirboy87 answered: XV
  35. downwithbabylon answered: Hodgy Beats
  36. delvega answered: Childish Gambino. What most hip hop fans fly over thinking it’s a fad is actually some of the truest, realest music being made today.
  37. golfwangxjeffmeow answered: lowkey. rofl at people thinking kendrick/asap rocky are underrated…
  38. thesoundofthought said: *if not, Murs
  39. thesoundofthought answered: is Eyedea acceptable? RIP. If not,
  40. savag3ry answered: Casey Veggies.
  41. phrvmptxn said: CHUUWEE
  42. g-lovesuglee said: Brother Ali
  43. leo-is answered: Immortal Technique. He’s fucking brilliant. Kick the shit out Lil Wayne any day.
  44. beezbeatz said: RA the Rugged Man, Canibus, Chino XL, CunninLynguists
  45. 718rogue answered: ja rule~
  46. nwbro answered: cise starr / his group cyne
  47. zombieque answered: Del the Funkee Homosapien!
  48. poe-ettic answered: Fuck the results and who else got sumthin to say I’m votin for CeeLo Green the mutha fuckin soul machine!!!!!!!!!
  49. andromedascousin answered: Blu && Kendrick
  50. zeus-to-your-cronus answered: Donald Glover/Childish Gambino. Whatever you want to call him.