The Best of Underground Hip-Hop

In your opinion, who’s the most overrated rapper in the game right now?

I’m taking this as a poll and posting the “winner” tomorrow.

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  1. lsorozco answered: Drake
  2. insomniac-nightmares answered: drake
  3. dsands answered: wiz khalifa
  4. keine-fickt-gegeben answered: juicy j
  5. 3nell answered: wiz kalifah
  6. neverendingfascination answered: wayne
  7. eiddamm answered: Jay-z
  8. juleposart answered: french montana
  9. classyem answered: J.cole
  10. the-flagless-empire answered: Weezy. Maybe even Yeezy or Jay. Only because they don’t try anymore, and you shouldn’t be “best” if you put out decent stuff from a great.
  11. ihollywood808 answered: Drake
  12. him4life answered: Lil Wayne mos def. His content is not as good as it once was, but people still say he’s the best out.
  13. iamcrispyasfuck answered: Lil Wayne
  14. nineteen93exoticness answered: Drake
  15. indigofoxx answered: JAY-Z
  16. marielia answered: Drake
  17. melahij answered: Drake
  18. earlyrain answered: 'Wack'a floka lame
  19. dprobeats answered: Mac Miller
  20. kittensandshenanigans answered: Drake
  21. teebauer answered: Wale.. Like yeah he’s good as hell but He is not as poetic as he thinks he is..
  22. newenglishconception answered: Lil Wayne
  23. golden-arms answered: gotta say Mac Miller
  24. jsmokealot answered: underground wise…immortal technique
  25. kkillacam answered: rick ross easy. his beats and features keep him alive.
  26. jnsspeaks answered: Rick Ross
  27. ohsorrandom answered: Hm, Lil Wayne..
  28. robstrosity answered: who the fuck is “mac miller”
  29. vagina-spektor answered: WEEZY
  30. danzinspace answered: TTC
  31. thesoundofthought answered: hmm… the MOST overrated? that’s tough… Nicki Minaj
  32. lebside answered: tyga
  33. indiafrica answered: Lil Wayne
  34. raise-like-we-lazarus said: Lil Wayne for sure.
  35. imaroybot answered: Lil Wayne
  36. delvega answered: Nicki Minaj. We get it, you’re crazy and you don’t understand rhyme-scheme. Fine. Now go away.
  37. harvey-bluntman answered: tyler the creator
  38. zerimare answered: rick ross
  39. redheadedstudmuffin answered: little fucking wayne
  40. julianjulian answered: Wocka Flocka Fag
  41. krisweinrich said: Rick Ross.
  42. lineofscrimmage said: drake, lil wayne, mac miller
  43. teralba answered: j cole??
  44. lineofscrimmage answered: tyler the creator
  45. jasonisnthere answered: Ross
  46. ssiimmrraann answered: lil wayne
  47. mercedesjade answered: wheezy
  48. redbeerd answered: L’il B, hands down.
  49. inkneverdies answered: Drake
  50. the-moment-of-truth-is-here said: Who ever answered Tyler should die…