The Best of Underground Hip-Hop

Who is your favorite female hip-hop artist?

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  1. couturetapecoop answered: missy elliott hands down
  2. mountainsonthemoons answered: Bahamadia
  3. imtheenemy answered: Roxxxan
  4. jooces answered: Biz MArkie
  5. asunkee answered: Of all time: Lauryn Hill. Currently: Rapsody
  6. umos answered: Tokimonsta, hands down.
  7. indignantkurd answered: Nicki Minaj ♥
  8. respectedwanderer answered: Lauryn Hill, no doubt about it. And if anyone says Nicki Minaj, they need to stop listening to music, or better yet, start listening.
  9. robertgassaway answered: Current: Jean Grae / Historically: Lauryn Hill & Ladybug Mecca
  10. ofbees answered: Missy Elliot
  11. dickwithchicks answered: Dessa
  12. deliciouslydown answered: missy elliot.
  13. djeterna answered: Eterna
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  15. mariemargaritamclovinlopez said: Mc lyte
  16. iambugs answered: Jean Grey
  17. dotmophotography answered: Mystic (on GoodVibes)
  18. blackgirllostfound answered: Rapsody
  19. justdoyounyc answered: L Boogie
  20. manny-shoe said: ethel cee
  21. sex-food-n-irnbru answered: of all time? MC Lyte… but atm its Jean Grae
  22. andtheircomplicatedshoes answered: dessa, jean grae and mc lyte
  23. torontoraps5 said: Lisa “left eye” lopes
  24. tayzilla answered: gangsta boo!
  25. shellly answered: Lauryn Hill.
  26. hypedriko answered: Nick Minaj
  27. yearningforunity answered: Sista Souljah
  28. weezl answered: MC Lyte
  29. delusionalsociety answered: Eternia, nobody knows who she is lol
  30. imaroybot answered: 1st thought was Jean Grae!
  31. byefelecia answered: Missy Elliot
  32. malemaze answered: foxy brown
  33. nickygolden answered: Big L
  34. j-dizzleforizzle answered: Lauryn Hill.
  35. goodnightintrospect answered: Envy
  36. alykateee answered: Erykah Badu
  37. emberphoenixofficial answered: lauryn hill
  38. nwbro answered: jean grae
  39. mckidsquid answered: Lupe Fiasco
  40. smamiam answered: Kellee Maize
  41. imxniclvs answered: SHAWNNA
  42. predictablecitylife answered: Dessa
  43. gimmethecar answered: It’s crazy given that it’s just off one track, but Apani B after her role in Viktor Vaughn’s ‘Let Me Watch’…not listened to her other stuff
  44. wearecomedians answered: foxy brown
  45. undergroundismymainstream said: did personal random really count rihanna as hip hop? get the fuck outta here
  46. jesseromo answered: Apani B
  47. undergroundismymainstream answered: "Nitty Scott, MC"
  48. jump-shooter answered: Does Lauryn Hill still count?