The Best of Underground Hip-Hop

When it comes to hip-hop producers, Kno (of CunninLynguists) is my all time favorite for numerous reasons.

I’m curious, who is your favorite hip-hop producer?

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  1. boughettoblackman answered: Must say there’s something about a Swizz Beatz’ body of work that surpasses all others in my book.
  2. tumblklaat answered: 4way tie btwn premo, large professor, qtip, and pete rock
  3. 310crisp answered: Sabzi of the Blue Scholars and Traxamillion
  4. lustaprimavista1 answered: 9th Wonder
  5. leaveyourfeelingsatthedoor answered: 9th Wonder. I’m from NC and I’m biased. Not afraid to admit that. We support ours.
  6. gsus187 answered: i am my favorite aside from my self 7 auralios
  7. chohmann08 answered: Alchemist
  8. thevaughantrapp answered: dilla. ant. q-tip. i can’t choose just one!
  9. getbased answered: Stoupe The Enemy of Mankind
  10. cagedliberty answered: Childish Gambino and Hopsin
  11. dwayneomosley answered: You just said it
  12. pcmk3 answered: oddisee and exile
  13. isoledmysole answered: J-Dilla
  14. stalking-butler answered: dilla, premier, pete rock, madlib, and probably black milk… and probably close to that order
  15. chadiboii answered: too many to pick from!
  16. hazexaudiology said: No ID
  17. carrxdinejon answered: DJ Premier or Dr. Dre Its a tie for me.
  18. qb-colquitt answered: I have a couple. Dilla, 88-Keys, Madlib, FlyLo, Nujabes, Pete Rock, Q-Tip, and a couple others
  19. sagaasad said: Close but I would say Pete, dilla or no i.d,
  20. thesoundofthought answered: Ant of Atmospere, Aesop Rock, or Alchemist
  21. longlivethetragedy answered: VTZ from Dayton Ohio
  22. eternalmnd said: Questlove, 9th wonder and Nicolay
  23. stufflishloves answered: Pete rock For the Beat Ya dont Stop!
  24. micecream answered: Between Pete Rock and Dr Dre
  25. kkillacam answered: kanye, dr dre, 9th wonder, dj premier, shit there’s way too many.
  26. willrapforfood said: too many favorites to name one. I’d say top 3 at LEAST: 9th Wonder, Premium, and Dr. Dre.
  27. ohgekush answered: either 9th because his beats get me high almost.. or maybe Rza for his wu sound
  28. artdrugsnirvana answered: Possibly…Alchemist
  29. fromstormcloudscomeangels answered: My favourite of all time is Buck 65, but Aesop Rock and Reanimator are close seconds.
  30. adiorga answered: Premier.
  31. iambryaneden answered: Dr. Dre
  32. elbum said: Stoupe. hands down
  33. mightbevincent answered: Rza or Eminem
  34. aizure answered: Swizz Beatz or Pharell. Every song they touch is amazing.
  35. ohsochill answered: Between Madlib, Afta-1, and Nicolay.
  36. jump-shooter answered: 1. Premo 2. Kanye(college dropout kanye)
  37. middtown said: Ski Beats!
  38. pixandwords answered: El-P
  39. oldpride-youngfire answered: Cecil Otter for sure, nobody gives him enough credit for his production. He was my favorite before wugazi happened, just to be clear haha
  40. misterbounce answered: Preemo
  41. fatimainthecut said: Dilla or Battlecat!
  42. halal-af answered: Tough decision.. Kno is up there. As of right now, though.. Vanderslice.
  43. darkdarkcellar answered: It’s either Premier or Pete Rock for me. I’m liking that new primo song “B.A.P” with Bumpy knuckles
  44. beatsrhimesandlife answered: Definitely Dilla. Great ear for samples & the best drums and loops. Versatile in producing hip-hop & R&B. Been a part many of my fav albums
  45. danbrown answered: Lazerbeak!
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